Become a Neighbourhood Realtor Now



We think it is!. Huge multinational agencies are all very well, but our philosophy is simple. We believe you will get better service from an agent who actually lives and works right in your neighbourhood.

 This is why the "Thomas Marshll & Co Neighbourhood Realtors" network has been established.


There will be a real estate professional that will work and live in every neighbourhood. Dedicated and trained to offer honest down to earth advice. Someone you can trust to do the best for you.

Does the prospect of working from home, with the opportunity to earn a large income in this exciting industry appeal to you? Then perhaps it's time you spoke with us. 

We are currently recruiting Neighbourhood Realtors across the Gold Coast. You may have been in the industry and for one reason or another left. Disillusioned and thinking the worst. This need not be the case. We give you the necessary backing, assistance and experience to help you run your own business but without the hassle of administration. 

Let me explain. We offer you your neighbourhood as your territory to carry on your own listing and sales business. All administration and trust accounting is handled by us at head office. This assures you of compliance with all legalities. All documentation, web pages, advertising, photography etc is handled by us based on the principals 30 years experience as a licensed agent. We assist without standing over you with a whip. Our aim is to have like minded people operating their own successful sales business under the umbrella of Thomas Marshall & Co.

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